The background of the book review

When I started this blog, it was a mostly private endeavor with very few posts and very few readers. Although I don’t expect a huge surge of traffic, I see that it comes up under a Google search about Geisler’s book, and I’ve made some modifications accordingly, most notably adding a page with ordered links to my book review posts.

The other thing that I want to do is explain a little bit about myself and why I am reviewing this book.

I am not a believer in any gods or a follower of any religions, but I was raised in a Christian family.My non-belief started when I observed that the things the Bible promises about the Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ did not appear to be true based on outward observation and were undetectable by inner testimony. I was a child, and I did not want to be a non-believer, so with sincere prayers I asked for faith and the revealing of truth through the Holy Spirit. I attempted to live in radical obedience as a demonstration that I would receive faith with gratitude. After 15 years of prayers and nothingness, accompanied by more study as befitted the adult I had become, I concluded that there was absolutely no internal evidence for Christianity, and insufficient external evidence.

Apologetics are no longer of great interest to me, and reviewing this book in such detail is not an attempt to attack Christians or the authors. Although at first I was terrified of disappointing them or inviting their scorn, my parents took the news of my deconversion about as well as can be expected. My father has asked me to read this book because he feels that it presents a strong case for belief in Christianity. I feel that my responses to the book have become involved enough to be a proper review that other people might like to read. I spend so much time on each issue in the book because I want to show my father that I have not carelessly brushed off his religion, but have investigated it with intellectual respect.


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