Vacation: Utah, Nevada, San Francisco, Grand Tetons

I’ve never been to Utah or Nevada, and I’m excited to go although I’m told that it will probably be boring. In fact, I’ve never been to any of these places, although I’ve been to other cities in California and Wyoming. After this trip there will be only 3.5 states that I have not visited: Oregon, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and kind of Alaska. In fact, I have been to Alaska in the most official way possible. I de-boarded the plane, went through customs, got a stamp on my passport and five years later, a entry on my certificate of naturalization. There may only be a few other states where my presence has been as officially documented as in Alaska. However, I can not actually REMEMBER being in Alaska. Unfortunately, these last 3.5 states are about as inconvenient from one another as possible. I can only hope for business trips.

I will be quite busy over the next few weeks, but I intend to update the blog with accounts of my travels.


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