San Francisco is excellent

Utah was surprisingly interesting – less desert than I’d expected, and I’d never seen anything like the salt flats. Reno wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. I visited a friend from college while I was there, and she isn’t crazy about it – it wouldn’t be my first choice to actually live there though. Having to go through the casinos and the tourists would be tiring, and there isn’t much else there. But there were nice mountains and neighborhoods – I guess I was imagining that everyone lived in apartments and that there wouldn’t be any trees, although A said that the trees were a planned part of the city and almost none would have grown naturally.

Although I had a good deal of work to do that kept me from going out every day in San Francisco, everything that we did and ate in the city was great. I went to the MOMA, found some macarons, and went out with the NorCal BWB. And I walked and walked and walked. Some of the walking was because after a few days, things started looking familiar, but I couldn’t remember how far they were from the hotel, or what side of the street they should be on, and I missed a lot of turns. There were scores of restaurants that we wanted to go to but didn’t have the time – it seems like you could never run out of things to do. However, I’d want to live in the city or not live in the area at all. For the expensive big move though, I’m still holding out for France.


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