Sweet Coconut Thai Chai

Coconut things are especially addictive to me. I am drowning my sorrow from losing my favorite ice cream flavor (Haagen Dazs toasted coconut sesame brittle, oooooh) with my new favorite tea – Celestial Seasonings sweet coconut Thai chai. A close runner up is the Stash coconut mango.

So vacation part two: we left from San Francisco to the Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival, and I can sum up all my feelings about it by saying that it was ok. I’d rather go to FloydFest. The problem was that everything was literally twice as expensive as it felt like it should be. There was only one stage, it was oppressively sunny during the day and freezing cold at night, the very expensive rooms and food were meh. I had a good time, but I’m not in a hurry to go back to that particular resort or festival.

We did want to return to Jackson and spend more time at the national parks, although not at the same motel. We stayed at a dubious (but still not remarkably cheap) motel with dubious patrons. It’s probably good that we didn’t try to camp, because we’d underestimated how cold it would feel anyway. We were going to go on a ferry ride and hike in the Grand Teton National Park, but it cost $5 more than I expected, so we didn’t have enough cash for the ferry and the Jenny Lake parking lot was overflowing, and it started to rain. So we decided to drive to Yellowstone instead. Besides, it’s practically obligatory. We made it to Old Faithful, which did its thing at its scheduled time. We considered continuing to Montana, but decided that we would miss dinner. Dinner was an improvement on the previous night – wagyu beef tartare and pasta with elk and bison meat sauce.

Yes, I talk a lot about money on vacations. But I’m not anywhere as bad as I used to be – when driving to Washington with college friends, we declined a $10 drive through the Badlands National Park in favor of driving around the perimeter for free. There’s only a few years between charmingly young and broke, and cheap and kind of weird. In our defense, we’d intended to find campsites…


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  1. Jamie Iomo
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 18:38:29


    Thanks for sharing, I have digged this post


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