Book review frustration

I’ve been having a hard time getting through chapter 8 because there are a Lot of things that I want to respond to but the topics are all over the place and not linked together very coherently. I.e. there are a lot of things that are making me want to bash my head against the wall. Not because I’ve realized that I was wrong and Christianity is right. And not even because I’ve become more certain that I’m right. Mostly because of the writing structure and the authors’ amazing ability to claim that they’ve proven conclusions that they didn’t even discuss thoroughly.

That had me thinking about apologetics in general. I’ve read several, mostly while I was still a Christian or attempting to be one. In most of them, there’s a large extent to which they’re preaching to the choir. They’re explaining things to Christians who aren’t clear on their theology, reassuring doubters, and answering questions for people who are inclined toward Christianity to begin with. I have yet to read anything that is truly persuasive toward those who are not inclined toward Christianity, and I must say that Geisler and Turek’s snide and condescending tone toward atheists as a general class has emotionally turned me off to their book, just as their incomplete presentation of complex arguments has turned me off intellectually. Even as a Christian, I was more of the mind that if the Bible is the word of god, it should speak for itself.

I’ve continued to be busy with work because my company has been acquired by a much larger company. Although the amount of paperwork and new policies has been daunting, so far it has been exceedingly positive. There are a lot of learning resources, 401k matching and good benefits, and several other perks. My actual job duties haven’t changed though.

I’m also reading Neuromancer, by William Gibson, whose book signing I attended this week with the Denver BWB, and have completed about 1/3 of a small stained glass piece.


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